igor l
asked 8 years ago

On my homepage when you scroll pade down jogoshop will start loaded emty items, why?  see this on market.lookinfo.kg 

igor l
replied 8 years ago

This emty items arent products

3 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Please send me username & password of your site (via private answer) for further checking.

answered 8 years ago

Dear igor l, mainly problem of this is the update new version of jigoshop  so there are 2 ways to fix this problem ASAP 🙂 

1. You can disable the infinity scroll ( remove iscroll.js ) and replace it with another plugin like WP PageNavi and set jigoshop as home page.
2. Some how, infinity scroll is an interesting thing of the theme so i think the other way is tries to use Woo commerce 😀

I’ll looking for more options to help you 😀


replied 7 years ago

Thank you very very much 🙂

answered 8 years ago

Hi @nobita !
Thank for your helps.

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