Rajiv Tandon
asked 9 years ago

I have install this plugin on my localhost but I am facing a problem which is when I click the author name of question it show 404. like this J testuser asked 47 seconds ago General Question

3 Answers
answered 9 years ago

To display the user profile, you need to use a third party plugin named BuddyPress plugin.
We have written the guideline on how to integrate the BuddyPress plugin with the DW Q&A plugin, please take a look: http://www.designwall.com/guide/dw-question-answer-plugin/#buddypress_integration
Anything else you need to assist, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cody Fam
answered 8 years ago

Hi Dominic,

I have the same problem. When I clicked the link at the Author’s name of a Question, it took me to the error 404 page. I believe this is because the author did not have any post. Is it possible to disable the hyperlink at the Author’s name?

answered 8 years ago

To resolve this issue, you can open the content-question.php file line 25 and content-single-question.php file line 19.
and reapace with the following code:

  1. content-question.php file line 25
<?php printf( __( '<span class="dwqa-question_author"><a href="%1$s">%2$s%3$s</a> %4$s %5$s ago</span>', 'dwqa' ), dwqa_get_author_link( $user_id ), get_avatar( $user_id, 48 ), get_the_author(), $text, $time ) ?>
  1. content-single-question.php file line 19.
    <?php printf( __( '<span class="dwqa-question-author"><a href="%1$s">%2$s%3$s</a> %4$s asked %5$s ago</span>', 'dwqa' ), dwqa_get_author_link( $user_id ), get_avatar( $user_id, 48 ), get_the_author(),  dwqa_print_user_badge( $user_id ), human_time_diff( get_post_time( 'U' ) ) ) ?>

Then add the ollowing code to the style.css file of your theme:

.dwqa-question_author {

 cursor: default;

 pointer-events: none;


Note: If you do not change again after updating the plugin, go to your theme folder and create a new folder , named it "dwqa-templates" .
Inside your new folder, copy/paste 2 file: content-question.php and content-single-question.php.
Now, open up the new file in notepad or any code editor to change code.
Hope this helps!

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