Alex Newport
asked 10 years ago

I have two plugins that I use called Reviewer and Use Google Libraries.
If any of these plugins are active, while the site does load without issue, the customization page does not allow any modification. (ie Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize). The menus do not expand and remain close, preventing any changes.
Other themes don’t have any issue with these plugins enabled. Is this something that you are aware of?

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

I am really sorry to hear your problem. That isn’t easy to check all WordPress plugins so  it will be hard to track and fix your problem at the moment. I have sent and notified our technical team to help you out. Can’t let you know exactly when we’ve done but we will try and let you know once finished.

Alex Newport
replied 10 years ago

Thanks Dominic, I know you can’t test every wordpress plugin, but I’m not quite sure I understand your message.

Do you need any help in diagnosing the issue to help fix this?

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

I totally understand what you are facing. However, that’s difficult for us to track and fix the problem right now. I have sent and notified our technical team. We will update this in the upcoming versions of the theme.

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