xcv xcv
asked 10 years ago

I test your script on my page http://hoek.pl/pytania-odpowiedzi/ and ask page http://hoek.pl/zadaj-pytanie/
When I submit a question like a Guest (anonymous user) then it redirects me to 404 page, but question is already submitted. No one see it cause it is waiting to moderate (in queue).
Then, when I log in as admin question is on the list but not on waiting list just set as a new, and when I would like to enter the question it shows 404 page.
link for a good submitted question looks like: http://hoek.pl/question/jak-przeniesc-poczte-z-outlook-express-do-outlook-office-2010-w-windows7/
and for the broken one: http://hoek.pl/?post_type=dwqa-question&p=1043.
I updated permalinks but it still doesn’t work.

hoek hoek
replied 10 years ago

I made a few test, and it is happen only when I set questions to moderate it manualy.
So what queue and moderating opiton doesnt work?

hoek hoek
replied 10 years ago

ok, I read somewhere, that anonymous question doesnt work yet, but what about question moderation? If I add question by registered user and moderating option is on, there is the same problem no one can open that question link only user who add it, if that user click to open it then it is on the list and it is working fine. It should waiting for moderation by site admin, but admin cant enter the question it is on the new question list not in queue.

1 Answers
well wisher
answered 10 years ago

OK hoek hoek let me help first you need to allow permission for anonymous users to ask the question
Second you need to assign pages for ask question and questions both make sure you have done this for both.
Third you need to rebuit your permalinks structure from wordpress dashboard>>settings>>permalinks>>and set them to /sample-post it would be good for seo too
Fourth and the last point is clear you site and browser cache and flush your dns to see the changes
Fifth let us know if the problem is still not solved

hoek hoek
replied 10 years ago

still doesnt work 🙁 sorry guys really nice script but I will use it in the future now I will use alternative plugin

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