Tony Hayes
asked 8 years ago

just wondering why the Q&A widgets were deactivated in v1.3.6?
they just disappeared after doing a plugin update?

…err just answered my own question, bug in the code…
the fix is to rename the inc/widget directory to inc/Widget
otherwise the class autoloader does not find the file! 🙂

still, releasing a new version with something removed that was working before
is not the best, you could have just included the files manually until then.

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

At the moment, we have removed temporary all the widgets of DW Q&A in the latest version to update this plugin. We will check and update the widget come back and release it as soon as possible.

replied 8 years ago

no problems, the fix I mentioned above works for me for now, they seem to work fine…
something like this is probably worth mentioning in the update notes though?
I did check the update details specifically for things like this, and if it was mentioned I may have kept the existing version in place… things like this is why one hesitates to update plugins, especially when they are tied into custom templates as this one allows for (which is awesome by the way!) – as removing classes like this can break a site also.

replied 8 years ago

oops another one for you, the plugin notice says it wants to update the database but when I click on that I just get the message "Cannot load dwqa-upgrades" on /wp-admin/options.php?page=dwqa-upgrades
…so I tried it via /wp-admin/admin.php?page=dwqa-updates and it worked…
guess that link needs to be changed in the admin notices message…

dominic Staff
replied 8 years ago

Thank you for interesting in our product and your feedback. We appreciate it. I sent and notified our technical team about this problem. We will check and fix it.
Any your suggestion will make our product become better and better.

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