asked 11 years ago

Received a response to my question about an author post template – but it was blank!

Hi, just received an email saying I had a response to my question – but it was blank!

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answered 11 years ago

To resolve this problem, you can follow the steps below.
Step 1: log in to Dashboard > Pages

– Add a new page
– Look for “Custom Fields” at the bottom of content frame.
– And add new Custom Fields with the following info:
+ Custom field name: query_args
+ Custom field value: author=8&posts_per_page=5
– select the blog template: blog
See the Screenshot: http://imgur.com/bSbmZnP
Note: change your author id here: 8

To know the author ID, please go to Dashboard > Users , then you move your mouse over the author name, then look down the link on the left of the screen.

See the Screenshot: http://imgur.com/jGHqkii

Then, Go to Appearance >> Menus, select the page that you have just created to add to menu.


replied 11 years ago

Thanks Dominic. I’m sorry, this doesn’t work!

replied 11 years ago

I wanted to display a page that shows all posts from the current logged in user. I am using a Child Theme and copied and renamed the existing Blog template into my child theme. All your code displays is a vertical list of all the posts, not just the logged-in author.

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