Laura Della-Rose
asked 10 years ago

I recently purchased the DW Page wordpress theme, and I am having some trouble recreating the look of the demo site.  I am using Godaddy’s wordpress hosting, so I CANNOT use the quickstart install, only the manual one. I have already looked at all of your guides and instructions but been unable to recreate the seamless one page demo from the manual install.  From what I’ve seen from my searching, it looks like there are several pages that have content, and one page that combines all of the content from the other pages and displays it.  Is this correct?  What is the code on that page, so that it looks like the demo page? Looking forward to your answer!

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Laura !
If you want to get as our demo, You need to install Quickstart package. However, You can send me username & password your site (via private answer), I will help you configure the theme as our demo.

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