Rajat Gupta
asked 9 years ago

Dear Sir,

I wish to rename Anonymous to Guest. Kindly guide as to how can i do it. Also the image next to Anonymous is also not appearing. Kindly check the attached image and guide asap.![http://www.dealgrab.in/Anonymous.jpg](http://www.dealgrab.in/Anonymous.jpg "enter image title here")

Awating your quickest response,

Thanks & Regards,

Rajat Gupta

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

You can open the single-question.php file then find the line 24.

dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

Also, you can find the following files:

#: ../inc/actions-question.php:14 ../inc/actions.php:1670
#: ../inc/class-answers-list-table.php:92 ../inc/notification.php:146
#: ../inc/notification.php:148 ../inc/settings.php:416 ../inc/settings.php:452
#: ../inc/settings.php:487 ../inc/templates/default/content-answer.php:83
#: ../inc/templates/default/content-comment.php:15
#: ../inc/templates/default/single-question.php:24
#: ../inc/widgets/latest-question.php:40

Hope this helps !

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