asked 6 years ago

Hello. Just bought the plugin.

I need to know, how can we create a page with showing 10 recent question, or 5 recent questions?

1 Answers
answered 6 years ago

You can go to the Dashboard > Questions > Settings and find the following option.
See the screenshot: http://prntscr.com/l6yxss
However, this option does not allow always show the Recent question, The list question page will change when the questions has a new answer or comment. 

replied 6 years ago

That is cool. But i need to change it depending on the page i am going to use the short cord. I mean, on some pages, i just need to show 5 questions, and on some only 10 questions.

Just like we do for recent post, it has option to select how many recent posts we want to show.


Dominic Staff
replied 6 years ago

At the moment, the plugin does not support to show the question page as you mentioned here.

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