asked 11 years ago

Hi, we have DW-Wall set up with some images in widgets in the right-hand sidebar. When viewed with a mobile device or when the browser width is reduced, the images and sidebar widgets shrink so much you can hardly see them. We are about to take the site live and this is stopping us doing so.

Can you help us – its urgent!

Try resizing this page… http://www.wall4wishes.com/

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

To resolve your problem, please log in to Dashboard > Appearance > Editor > open the style.css > add the following code:

@media ( max-width: 480px) {
.masonry .item img {
float: left !important;
height: 300px !important;
max-width: 205px;

If you still have difficulty with this problem, you can send me username & password your site. I can help you.

Hope this helps !

replied 11 years ago

Thanks Dominic!

replied 11 years ago

I had to change the code a little… I set the media size to 960 and teh height to auto

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