asked 11 years ago

Issue 1: Hey guys! So my site for the past few weeks have shown up weirdly on mobile devices. Instead of fitting flush in the screen, it now has this massive space to the right and it also causes the pages (particularly articles) to load all small and tiny and you just see massive whitespace. How do I fix this?? It’s affecting how my readers interact with my website on their phones and devices.

Issue 2: Additionally, I read here on the forums that if we want a gallery we can just add

tried it, and it worked fine, but it doesn’t give me the layout I am after, which I think the original poster in the post I read was also trying to figure out.
Here in this screen shot I added, you can see the image is one side, while text and links and interactive navigation between slides is still present in the same slideshow and not just images alone. Do you know how we can get this effect? Or would you guys be up to making a plugin that has these functions and have it for sale? I know that plugin would do awesome!! I also think it would set all your themes a part from the rest if there was the ability to create Gallery Style posts that replicate or look like the image below already built in (especially on Focus and Argo or any magazine based layouts!!):

SlideShow Example

Thanks, please let me know how to fix issue one, and also any input on if you guys can create such a plugin, or know how to get the effect with existing plugins.

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