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Hi Dominic,
I found another product on themeforest which is called DW Helpdesk.
I am little confused about which is the different between the 2 – Helpdesk and QA Pro?
Here is my situation:
I want to built an Q & A website which visitors can freely ask a question.
Based on my analysis, the Helpdesk is a wordpress theme with the QA Pro integrated (means I dont need to buy the QA Pro separately), am I right?
If I am right, I will buy the Helpdesk wordpress theme, If not, would you mind give me a suggestion?
Thanks in advance.

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answered 4 years ago

Yes, you are right. The DW Q&A pro has included in the DW Helpdesk theme.

replied 4 years ago


And the knowledge base plugin also included, right?

And I saw that the DW Helpdesk theme last update was 1 year ago, so I wanna know will it still keep updating later?

Thank you.

replied 4 years ago

knowledge base Pro version?

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