TELL Communications Limited
asked 11 years ago

We are currently experiencing problems with the theme on “Dreamhost VPS” wordpress environment.
When we install the theme, we cannot access our domain, yet when we uninstall the theme (while using the free themes that comes together with WordPress) everything goes back to normal …
What is the problem or is there a “special configuration” still required to use the theme on Dreamhost.

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answered 11 years ago

Hi Damilarelna !
Dreamhost has WebFTP,  if you don’t have an FTP program. First unzip the file, which should just be a matter of double clicking it since you’re on a Mac. It’ll create a folder with the same name as the theme, most likely.

1. Log into the Dreamhost Panel at
2. Navigate to Domains -> Manage Domains
3. Find your domain name, eg.
4. Under click WebFTP
5. Log in with your username and password (you should be able to keep other options as is)
6. Click wp-content to navigate to that folder
7. Click themes to navigate to that folder.
8. Click Java Upload (Flash Upload didn’t work for me) at the top of the folder list.
9. Once the plugin is authorized, Click Add
10. Navigate and select your unzipped theme folder and click Add Files
11. Click Upload
12. Click the blue back arrow above the list of files.
Or if you still face there isue, You can send me username & password of your site for further checking.

TELL Communications Limited
replied 11 years ago

thanks for the response, I would try your solution next time.
The problem was solved by deleting the WordPress installation and starting afresh as it was observed that something similar was being experienced a few other themes except one particular theme which was working.

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

I think you have resolved this issue.

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