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Hi team,

I am using DW Focus theme 1.0.  and I have problems with sharing buttons. They are not working. I was reading “questions” that other users were posting in this seccion and I have seen that more users of this theme had the same problem. As I could see, you are advising the upgrate of the whole theme. Downloading the new version and uploading it to the server.

I have never ugrate the whole theme and I do not know what consequence it would have to my site and its content. I have customize Fous theme, and have a lot of content already. Could you please help me to solve my doubts? Do I need to upgrate the whole theme or maybe I could just overwrite some files to make sharing buttons running? To be frank, if possible I would prefer the second option. Is that possible?

thank you in advance for your help.



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answered 7 years ago

Hello Anja !

In order to resolve the issue, please download the latest version of DW Focus on your profile page. Then override the old version. In the latest version, you will no longer face any issue when you update. Your previous contents will be remained same as before.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.


replied 7 years ago

Hi Dominic, Thank you for your help!

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