Juan dominguez
asked 10 years ago

Hey. I have a problem guys. Where I can change to Spanish the phrases “add commnets”, “search”, etc … What is the language file I have to modify?
Another issue is that the feature image thumbnail looks pixelated. The jpg should be 300 px but the actual image is 150 px. It is a failure. You can help me.

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Juan ! 
– You can go to the languages folder in the folder theme. Please do as the following steps to translate the theme.

  1. Download and install Poedit
  2. Download the http://tr.wordpress.org/
  3. Open the file in Poedit.
  4. (See Image) The box labeled (1) is the original message (in English) from the POT file. The box labeled (2) is where you add your translation. Boxes labeled (3) and (4) are used for adding comments about the messages. These come in handy if you are working with a team of translators and would like to pass around ideas through the PO file.
  5. Go to File → Save as… to save your translations in a PO file.
  6. When you are finished translating, go to File → Save as… again to generate the MO file.

Or you can set your Poedit to always compile a MO file when saving changes by clicking File → Preferences and on the Editor tab check the Automatically compile .mo file on save box.
– Regarding feature image thumbnail, you can log in to Dashboard  > Setting > Media, then change the thumbnail section is 300 x 300px.

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