Vladislav Golovenko
asked 10 years ago


1) I can’t download version 1.0.2 from my “downloads”: “download” button don’t work, “DW Focus 1.0.1 Quickstart” and “DW Focus 1.0.1 Themes” are links to dw_focus_1.0.2_quickstart.zip.

2) What about wordpress 3.6 support?

Thank you

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

1. Regarding the problem of the “download” button in your profile, I will check it carefully. If you want to have new updated version, please send us your email, we will send you the latest version of DW Focus- this is version 1.0.3.

2. With the WordPress 3.6, DW Focus still has been supported strongly.

Hope this helps !


Gregory Ortiz
replied 10 years ago

my download button has the same issue.

Mohammed Chaudhry
replied 10 years ago

how about WordPress 3.7…will the DW-Focus theme work without any problems on the latest 3.7 upgrade of WordPress?

answered 10 years ago

@Mohammed !
Yes this theme absolutely compatible with WordPress 3.7.1.
You can update your website to WordPress 3.7.1.
But remember backup your database first.

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