asked 5 years ago

I created a simple one-pager in Bootstrap which I converted to a WordPress theme. I want to use cards to display 3 products, which open in a modal popup / quick view when clicked. In that popup, there will be multiple options with a ‘add to cart’ button.

Can I use Woocommerce in this way? When I try to add a product it looks like you have to design the product page in Woocommerce. Is there no way to link a button that’s already in your design to a Woocommerce inventory item?

2 Answers
answered 5 years ago

Which theme are you using?
You can let me know detail about this question. Please send me your site url and some screenshot for further checking.

Rachel Stinson
answered 5 years ago

I think it can happen. Try using the Woocommerce built-in features that best suit your requirements. Cart and checkout Woocommerce feature might help you out. 

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