Jenny In Wanderland
asked 2 years ago

I have been using the paid version of DWQA on my site. Currently, in order to be able to ask a question or post an answer, guests are requested to \”register\” first. Initially, I required this (as a new blog site) in order to avoid spam and to be able to approve the content guests write before it is posted. At the time, I used the ultimate member plugin to have gusts register. I believe that was a suggestion by Design Wall or a commenter here – I cannot remember.
Now, I am developing my site more and people are wanting to subscribe and comment on my word press site and its posts. My site and post/page comments also requires registration for guests and they are registering through jetpack.
The issue is that when guests register and check a box to subscribe and receive emails when new posts go out from my word press site, their subscriber info appears to be stored on jetpack. The guests that subscribe on DWQA through ultimate member are currently stored by default as \”user subscribers\” in the wordpress data base.
I am looking to add the jet pack check box for guests to opt in to receive word press post updates to DWQ&A. Ultimate member does not appear to support this function. I could remove ultimate member altogether, but then would need to replace the subscribe feature with jet pack. Is this possible? 
If not or even if so, do you have  a suggestion. I want all of the subscribers, no matter if they register through a post comment of DWQA to be managed in one database where they receive emailed updates when they select to do so.
Please help.

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