Jasmin Grey
asked 9 years ago

I am trying to set up my blog with the Minion template. I love the way flickr is integrated here. 
So, I need to know: Which widget is used to display the latest Flickr-images on the sidebar? 

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

This Question has already been answered here: http://cmspioneer.com/designwall/question/demo-widgets/#answer-15649
Hope this helps and happy new year. 🙂

replied 9 years ago

Thanks Kevin!
Happy New Year to you too!

answered 9 years ago

To add the Flickr to the secondary sidebar on the DW Minion, we suggest that you can use the Flickr Badges Widget plugin. Please find the plugin here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/flickr-badges-widget/installation/

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