Hassan Yeganeh
asked 9 years ago

my i used your plugin but text color not set with my theme please help me to edit

4 Answers
Kido D
answered 9 years ago

Hi Hassan,
To fix this issue, you can try to add this code to your style.css of your theme (e.g. /wp-content/themes/[theme-name]/css/style.css):

 .dw-question .select a,
.dw-question .entry-title a,
.dw-question .filter a,
.dw-question .filter-bar a{color: #3a3a3a !important;}
.single-dwqa-question #answers h3,
#submit-question label {color: #fff;}
.dw-question .entry-meta a,
.dw-question .entry-meta {color: #555 !important;}
.dw-question .entry-comment strong,
.dw-question .entry-view strong,
.dw-question .entry-vote strong {font-size: 150%;color: #444;}
.dw-question .dwqa-search-form .dwqa-search-input {padding-right: 40px;}
.dw-question #loginform .input {width: auto; outline: 0;}
.dw-question .wp-editor-container,
.dw-question .questions-list,
.dw-question .filter-bar,
#single-question > .hentry,
.single-dwqa-question #answers .hentry {background: #fff;}

Hope this helps!

Hassan Yeganeh
replied 9 years ago

very thanks fix it 🙂 text vote yes or no need change to black

Kido D
answered 9 years ago

Hi Hassan, here is the code to change text vote color and some extra style on single question page for your theme:

.single-dwqa-question #content a {color: #3a3a3a;}
.single-dwqa-question #content a:hover {color: #999;}
#add-answer label {color: #fff;}
.single-dwqa-question .dwqa-container .dwqa-sidebar .dwqa-widget ul,
.single-dwqa-question .dwqa-container .well ul {padding: 0;}
.single-dwqa-question .dwqa-container .well ul li {text-align: left;}

Hope this helps!

remedes de grand mere
answered 9 years ago

Hi  i’ve the same problem (wordpress 3.8) i’ve put this css code in my css template file but no way… have you another solution ? also it’s impossible to select template page    many thanks

Jackie Lord
answered 9 years ago

Hi Remedes, 
The solution we provided only worked on Hassan’s website, as we provide specific solutions to specific case.
How would you want to style your Question & Answer page?
Also please provide us your site admin account so we can have a better look into the issue.

replied 9 years ago

I have a problem with CSS too.

I run this website http://astronomia.blog.br/ and I’m testin DWQA in this clone http://astronomia.blog.br/es/dwqa-ask-question/

As you can see, the header of the text area to ask a question seems bigger that the space my theme provides.

Same happens with the answer page: http://astronomia.blog.br/es/question/qual-a-cor-do-cavalo-branco-de-napoleao/ Note that the “reply” areas are perfect.

Can someone help me with this?

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