DW Builder WordPress Plugin

The DW Builder empowers every member of your team to rapidly build custom pages, landing pages and high-converting overlays for any campaign — without developers or coding skills.

As a marketer, you drive your traffic from a variety of marketing campaigns. But getting traffic is only half the battle you need to convert. If you’re one of many marketers still directing campaigns traffic to your website then that traffic isn’t converting as well. That’s why we need the powerful landing pages. By directing your campaigns to targeted landing pages, you deliver the right message to the right visitors and give them a clear focused Call-To-Action which will reduce your bounce rate and drive more conversions.

However, building landing pages has always been difficult. You used to have to hire designers and developers, which will cost you so much time and money. With DW Builder, creating a sales page that converts is fast and simple since all you need to do is to choose your block content, edit it, then publish your site.

You can literally build pages with DW Builder Plugin. This means that you stay in total control of your campaigns and even faster.

Why do you need DW Builder but not Visual Composer, SiteOrigin Builder or other WordPress Builder Plugins?

Because DW Builder is the first and only WordPress Builder Plugin which focuses on building landing pages which help you to convert traffic effectively while the others don’t. With more than 200 ready-to-use Block Contents, you just need to arrange them that the way your kids play lego to create your own landing page. Sound interesting, right?

Why DW Builder is not the “Drag & Drop” Page Builder like the other plugin? It seems like every single month there’s another post about a drag and drop page builder. Some promise to be simple, while others promise high performance with a ton of features. But what then? I have gone crazy when I tried to build a page with a Drag & Drop Builder.

I would like you to image when I want to update my theme to a custom solution that doesn’t require (or support) the Drag & Drop Builder I use.

Guess what you’ll see when you deactivate your plugin? Yep – you guessed it. Shortcode Hell.

That’s a technical term, in case you didn’t know. It’s the way I classify a website with pages that require you to go to each and every single one to edit them so that all those shortcodes get taken out.

Have you ever noticed how much time you waste while manually coding layouts? No more trial and error with shortcodes or CSS! Now you have everything it takes to design anything and for any page. Yes, DW Builder works with any WordPress theme!

That’s the reason why we have DW Builder!

My team and I have thought a lot about how to build a simpler builder plugin which will not waste your time or make your crazy anymore. And now, with DW Builder, all you need to do is just “click”, “setting” then “done”!

The powerful WordPress Page Builder is finally here! No more coding! No more complication! No more arguing! And no more waiting! With DW Builder, now you can create a beautiful and high-converting landing page the way you want!

You may wonder how good it could really be. You may doubt about whether or not you would enjoy a true front-end editing experience. You may have started to wonder if it would be worth the wait.

Yeah, It’s time for you to have enjoyable practice to get high conversions from your marketing campaigns.

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