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Unique & Fresh Design

Unique & Fresh Design

Useful features

Useful features

Endless Customization

Endless Customization

Quickstart Installation

Quickstart Installation

Frequent Updates

Frequent Updates

Excellent Support

Excellent Support

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  • Liam McKay
  • Sasha-Shae
  • Dom Amor
  • Murat Tekmen
  • Chad Stembridge
  • Olaf Kowalik
  • Cesar Falcao
  • Sean Ramsey
  • Mashable
  • Rohan Kagalkar
  • Carl Lozano
  • Jordan Grove

Easily one of the most amazing WordPress Themes I have ever seen. They have put so much effort into every single aspect of the theme.

Liam McKay @ DW Argo

Love this theme!! I enjoy the Focus theme because I can customize it further to my heart’s desire, and besides the DesignWall team is super helpful!!

Sasha-Shae @ DW Focus

Awesome plugin, super easy to setup. Just awesome support. Support is what it's all about. And I'm happy to give them 5 stars and the first review.

Dom Amor @ DW Question & Answer

We have huge success with DW Focus theme on our website. This theme generally most specific and most detailed magazine theme ever.

Murat Tekmen @ DW Focus

Working with the DW Page theme from Design Wall was fairly straightforward and simple. The documentation was quite helpful. Support was great, too!

Chad Stembridge @ Customer Support

The theme was easy to buy, install, and configure. The configuration instructions were good. User Support was great! Thanks!!

Olaf Kowalik @ DW Focus

Very good plugin, maybe the best of its kind. Should be a premium plugin, free is just awesome! A lot of features and a very clean and beautiful design.

Cesar Falcao @ DW Question & Answer

Really, we have been so happy with our experience with DesignWall. The products are top notch, the forums are stellar, and every question we asked has received a timely response.

Sean Ramsey @ DW Timeline Pro

Ideal for content producers such as news or magazine websites, its neat use of space, fully responsive, organized design makes it a stand-out.

Mashable @ DW Focus

Minimalist yet powered with latest trend such as responsible design. Overall this theme has provided me all these things so looking forward for more new features and updates.

Rohan Kagalkar @ DW Minion

When we moved to WordPress, we tried a lot of themes, but settled on this because It's easy to configure and of course it has the look and feel we want.

Carl Lozano @ DW Focus

Fantastic theme! Quick load time and easy customization without needing to know much knowledge of code. Highly recommend!

Jordan Grove @ DW Simplex

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