Step 1  Located to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Menu >> Add New. Then select the “Create a New Menu” link.

Step 2  Please note that ONLY FIRST LEVEL MENU can enable the Mega Menu. Just click on the Arrow icon to expand the Options box. You will see here an option called Use as Mega Menu, keep the box checked to enable the Mega Menu.

Enable DW Mega Menu

Step 3  After checking the box called Use as Mega Menu, the other option named “Full-Width Drop Down” will appear. Check the box if you want the mega menu to display full width.

Display full width

Step 4  With this plugin, you can fully control displaying multiple columns or tab in the additional options.

You can control displaying multiple columns or tab

Step 5  Each menu item has a font awesome icon, just click on the Add Icon button

Add icon to the menu items

Step 6  Once the first level menu item is configured successfully, you continue to set second level menu items. The second level will display the main column title or tab depending on  your selection in the first level item.

From the second level menu, basic HTML supported.

You can also start a new row for the last second menu.

Start a new row for the second level menu items
Start a new row for the second level menu items

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the second level items of the mega menu are columns or tabs. You can add it to the mega menu to create the structure or hide it if needed.

dw mega menu hide the menu level
Hide the menu if needed

Step 7  The third level menu items will be smaller items in each column.  Just add the items to the menu, drag and drop the menu item into place, below and to the right of the second level menu item.

Step 8  After setting up your menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page to assign the menu to the Main Menu location in the Theme Locations box. Once done, click the Save button.

select theme locations
Select theme locations