asked 4 weeks ago

Hello there
Here is the forum QA I build :
First of all, as you can see, Lots of words are not translated like : answers, views, open, resolved, closed, unanswered … but it’s translated in Loco Translate… I don’t understand why it is not applied.
In the profil page, I would like to add some fields like : Website, Town, Phone number, etc…
And finally, how to redesign the question form elements please… like the sending button, fields, etc…
Thanks for help

2 Answers
answered 4 weeks ago

Please send me the username & password of your site for further checking.

replied 3 weeks ago

Just sent in private

answered 3 weeks ago

I have checked and help you resolve this issue. At the moment, the plugin conflicting with the DWQA Assign ticket. I have disabled this plugin and will check about this plugin.

replied 9 hours ago

Ok thanks a lot for that … what about the additional fields please ?

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