Yves Peynaud
asked 8 years ago

Hi there,

Your version 1.4.1 of DW-QA looks terrific. All templates re-written and very well organized in a convenient modular fashion, congrats!

I would love to use it but for some reason, it breaks all my Awesome font elements after upgrade: all Awesome font elements are no longer showed (instead, it displays the strange square with its font element number inside).

So I reverted to previous version ( and all is fine again.

Do you have some clue on how to solve this problem with version 1.4.1?

Thanks in advance,

1 Answers
Jackie Lord
answered 8 years ago

In DW Question & Answer 1.4.0, we do not use font-awesome library anymore. You can add it manually to your theme following this guide: http://fontawesome.io/get-started/

replied 8 years ago

I see ! I wasn’t aware that it was your plugin which was loading this library. Works fine, now, thanks a lot!

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