Marko Jaric
asked 10 years ago

I have five posts within the same category for which I checked the checkbox “Stick this post to the front page” in the WordPress “Publish” region of the post.  I checked an all 5 are displaying on the main page for the specified category.  However, I subsequently added a post to the same category as the other five, but it had the most recent post date.  Although the recently added post is not stickied, it is displaying at the top of the category, and is pushing one of the stickied posts off of the page.  Is this expected behavior or is it a bug.
I don’t want the most recent post to always display on the main page, so I thought that I could use the sticky feature to control which posts within a category are displayed on the main page, and then I could avoid having more recent insignificant posts from pushing the more important ones off the main page, just because insignificant post has a more recent publish date.
P.S. The Design Wall captcha’s in the Question and Answer forum are far to complex and the majority are nearly impossible to read.  can you please make them simpler so that it doesn’t take people like myself multiple attempts to post a question?

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Unfortunately, our theme doesn’t support to show the sticky posts, so that you can’t pick a post from a category to show as sticky post. The latest posts will be displayed at the top instead.

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