Jens Huesgen
asked 9 years ago

first of all: I am a Novice in coding and handling with wordpress. I have three questions for problems that I can´t solve on my own and would be happy if you could help me.
I use the DW Page-Theme here at First I was shocked that it wasn´t possible to install the quickstart version and tried to figure everything out on myself. Now the questions:
1. I would like to use a photo as the background in the Home Section. It looks great at the demo version of DW Page. But, besides using the three different css-classes with with/grey/black background, I didn´t found the right place either in the stylesheet. So, what (and where!) do I have to do insert the code for the photo?
2. I want to use two sections with client logos. The first one, that you see already on is the one with the clients with the bigger names. But I also want to show the smaller ones above the contact form and don´t want to mix the logos. To show the logos randomly is a nice feature, that I use already, but I don´t want to mix the bigger with the smaller clients. I have no idea how to make a “Clone” or whatever to publish a second section with the logos.
3. I also like to use two or three new sections, where I post only one funny sentence or something that clients like to read. My website is heavy work on progress but there must be something to catch up a reader oder possible client quickly. So, these little sections should be a little bit like the home section, but I don´t want to see the name of the section in the header, like it is now [#231(Noname) wasn´t the best solution…]. And, I want to make coloured backgrounds in these sections and have no idea how to do it, when there are these mystical css classes you use.
So, enough of this rookie problems! As I wrote, I would happy if You could help me!
Many Greetings
Jens Hüsgen

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

I have checked your site, I saw you have changed some css style in your them.
1. To change the background image in the Home section, you can add the following code to the style.css file:
#home {
background: url(‘ URL Link’);
Note: Add your image to the Media then copy URL File in the right hand side.
2. At the moment, our theme just allow you can put the same client section in another page by shortcode, you can see the following image:
Unfortunately, our theme does not support to do as you want to.
3. To resolve this issue, you can refer our answer in the following question:

Is it possible to display a page on the main "onepage" without it being linked in the main menu?

Also, to make the background color in these sections, you can add the Class to the “CSS Classes (optional)” section as the following image:
Then you can use there class (custom-demo) to make a style for your page.
.custom-demo {  
    background: #…;
    color: #…; 


Hope this helps !

Jens Huesgen
answered 9 years ago

Hi Dominic,
thank you very much for you answer and your help! I am happy now! 🙂

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