Don Tait
asked 9 years ago

Hi – I have a static page as my home page in my DW Focus theme. I currently have a sidebar on the right and I’d like to add another sidebar to the left side. I understand in theory how to add an extra sidebar and creating a new template file for this, but when I look in dw-focus-sidebar.php it’s more complex than I thought and I realise I need your help. Any advice on this?

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hi @Don , i remember when the last time i work with DW-focus is that this theme have a responsive-layout and use bootstrap lay-out :
There are 2 sections in main class : primary( site-content span9 ) and secondary(widget-area span3 ), so if you want a sidebar on the left you have to make a column in the left and reduce the size of Primary or secondary and then register a sidebar there.

In dw-focus-sidebar.php, it’s the place that they use to register the widget so it’ll not effect the extra sidebar.

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