Rajneesh Tiwari
asked 8 years ago

Please let me know how I can add pagination on Recent Post Widget of DW Focus v1.2.6??

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Hi mate, i think, in order to add the pagination to the Recent post Widget you need to mess with the WordPress core and it might lost when WordPress update. So, to resolve this problem you need to create a new widget that will look like the recent post but have the pagination.

First : you can create a new .php file at : dw-focus/inc/widgets/, name it : dw-recent-post
Open the Php file and add this code from here : http://snippi.com/s/iw6p6y3

After that , you go to the file : dw-focus/functions.php and include the new file by add this code :

require get_template_directory() . '/inc/widgets/dw-recent-post.php';

Now, go to the dashboard =>> Appearance =>> Widgets and use the widget name : DW: Recent Post instead of Recent post widget
You will get the pagination then. Hope this help .

replied 8 years ago

Thanks for the solution! It has fixed the problem!

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