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Hi there, I have a quick question. I purchased yesterday DW Page HTML version and have trouble to get contact form to work. Please help asap! Cheers

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I just read your post on Creative Market. For the bootstrap HTML contact form.

You recommend using the "mailto:" action instead of post. To use an email client:
e.g. action="mailto:[email protected]

That works, but if I want to do this server side, which just looks more professional, I need to use a validator and then script, say PHP using a mail method, right?

I came across this useful article, to share with others on how to get this working server side. Tthe steps are detailed here:

"How to make a contact form with Bootstrap 3 ? (JQuery/PHP/HTML5/JqBootstrapValidation)"


The author recommends using a "jqBootstrapValidation.js." Which is not in the DW page.
Then implementing PHP processing, to check and send the email using the mail() method.
And forwarding to a confirm page (I think)

It'd be nice to see this built into the template, with some kind of confirmation page, like your error or landing page.

Great template.

You might consider:

1. Adding the jqBootstrapValidation.js. to the Bootstrap version of DW one pager
2. Changing the HTML form to use the validator (see article above)
3. Adding server side code (say php) to check and send the form. Possibly in a seperate script. See article.
4. Forward to a confirm page. "Your email has been sent" etc.

That'd be a really nice function to have.

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I sent and notified our technical team about problem. We are checking and fixing. We will inform you as soon as possible.

Also, please send me your site or a screenshot for further checking.


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