Miguel Euklides
asked 3 weeks ago

Hi, I have 2 problems:

  1. As you could see on this page, when you click on an Answer author’s name (for example on “Waterdrop”), the link doesn’t work. It should take you somewhere like the Author’s page.
  2. On the other hand, on the Leaderboard Widget, if I click on an Author’s name, it takes me to a page that only shows the “Questions” published by that author. I need the page to also show the “Answers” posted by that author.

Thanks in advance

1 Answers
answered 3 weeks ago

Yes, we have checked and see that the widgets of the plugin do not support link to the profile page. We will check and update it in the next version.

Miguel Euklides
replied 3 weeks ago

OK. Thanks.
Besides, the widget, that is the problem #2, will you also fix problem #1 (link from the main page)?
Do you have a time estimate for the next update?

Dominic Staff
replied 3 weeks ago

Please send me the username & password of your site for further checking.

Miguel Euklides
replied 3 weeks ago

OK. I sent you an email

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