Nikitha Dandu
asked 10 years ago

1. Is there as sub-theme within DW Simplex that is tailor made for a question and answer theme ?
2. I don’t see a user registration implemented in theme ( it takes me to wordpress standard user registration theme). How can I get user registration page that looks like the rest of the theme ?

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

1. You can use the following guide to create child theme in your theme folder for DWQA to implement your style integration.
2. There is no such implementation provided off the box. You can use a number of plugins to achieve the same result e.g. modal login. 

Kido D
answered 10 years ago

Hi Nikita,
The DW Q&A is compatible with almost our themes. If you need any helps\ please feel free to post it here and we’ll try to resolve the problem for you.
1. The DW Simplex theme is compatible with DW Q&A plugin already, so no need to create a sub-theme (or child theme).
2. Like Guru said, you can find some plugins for that purpose on the WordPress repository, for ex: you can try the zM Ajax Login & Register plugin:

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