DW Fixel WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Photography Theme. The next hype for your photo gallery sites. Innovative design and powerful features and easy customization.

Responsive WordPress Photography Theme: DW Fixel – An innovative theme for the personal blog and portfolio sites.

The theme comes with a sleek and clean grid layout that makes your site stand out.

DW Fixel theme arms with a number of outstanding features: a social page where you connect and share your social life, keyboard navigation used on the single post, sticky menu along with the top panel for better menu display, responsive layout and off-canvas menu to rock on the mobile device and tablet.

WordPress theme DW Fixel is a powerful theme you can have for your blog and portfolio site.

Responsive Design

The theme layout adapts to different screen sizes and makes sure your site look good on all devices either mobile or desktop.

Sticky Menu & Top Panel

The sticky menu bar and the top panel would make it easy for your readers to access and navigate your site.

Off-canvas Navigation

Off-canvas menu ensures smooth navigation on mobile and tablet devices.

Popup Quick View

A fast way to access information via popup quick view, without reloading a whole page.

Infinite Scroll for Blog

Your blog page will be loaded with sets of articles and this can save your site from slow loading speed.

Customize Panel

Easily to customize the appearance of the theme: logo, font, color, background and so on.

designbaraza says: • 

DW Focus is very hard to customize. It refreshes automatically so that I cannot customize the theme.

SocialRay says: • 

Menu slider is not working on ios7 browsers (chrome and safari). Please send the fix asap!! I have emailed you 2 days ago!!

SunnyWu says: • 

Social bar on header has some problems. Linkedin icon is not showed when hover over it and Google plus also is not working on header. Please update the fixed version! Thanks!

lonski says: • 

I would like to see a page to showcase a project (branding, website, photgraphy, etc.), not as a blog post like the rest of the pages. That would really position this as a true portfolio theme. Looking forward to that on upcoming versions.

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  • Version 1.1.5
  • Latest Updated June 29, 2021
  • Requirements WordPress 5.0+
  • Columns 3
  • Layout Responsive
  • Category WordPress Themes