Amr Elleithy
asked 3 years ago

Dear our team
Hope you are doing well, 
I try to design Question answers pages in the travel industry that have some differences from one market to another. For clarification, the travel industry is divided into main categories such as Airline Industry, Hotels, Travel Agencies, etc, and each of them has its own subcategories for example Travel Agencies my divide into Wholesalers, Retail, tour operators, etc.  
I want when the Inquiring Person Asking for example about Tourist Visa as subcategory from Travel Agencies to additional specify in Which Market Egypt, Dubai, London, etc. 
I Was Thinking to control the third specification for markets by using tags and private non-admins from adding new tags and to be as select from.
Is there a way to do my project with these 3 selection criteria Category, Sub-category, and Market using DWQA? 
Thank You

1 Answers
answered 3 years ago

I think we have answered all your question from Livechat. Please create a new question and let me know detail about your issue, we will check and help you resolve it. 

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