Philip Trauring
asked 10 years ago

It seems a little strange to have the header shown with the name of the site replaced by the category title, but the sub-title of the site still present. Users also still need to press the button to see the category of posts. Personally, I’d like the option for a smaller traditional header which shows some of the actual content above the fold, so to speak. Short of that, I’d like the categories at least not to use the big header.

Philip Trauring
replied 10 years ago

This is true of the Archive view as well.

Philip Trauring
replied 10 years ago

I see that in 1.0.2 you’ve removed the tagline, which is a big improvement. I’d still like to get the header smaller, however, so that content is visible above the fold…

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Philip ! 
If you want to disable the header in category view, you can add the following code to the “Header Code”

.category .banner .header-inner {
    display: none;
.category .banner.cover {
    min-height: 130px;

Hope this helps !

Philip Trauring
replied 10 years ago

Would this remove the text explaining what category is being shown?

Also, this same issue exists for tags and archives.

Looking at the code, is it possible to just adjust the size of the header, and then remove the button? i.e. make a small header that just has enough room for the text, and then eliminates the need for the button?


Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

Apologies for the delay in replying to you.
You can send me a screenshot about the position which you want to remove.

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