jamie morris
asked 10 years ago

I am trying to set up DW Q&A on my WordPress website. When I click on a question to view it I can comment but I can’t answer. Also I was able to ask a question the last time I tried but now when I click ask a question nothing happens. Also how can I change or add categories? I don’t see anything in the settings to do that. I really like DW Q&A. I like the way it looks and if I can get it to work it will be perfect for my needs. Please help me!

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Dear Jamie,
I have resolved the issues. Please check your website and change the login credentials for security reasons. I have also set your perma links. Which works fine now.
You can use the integration guide to adjust the css of the title for the DWQA pages. Please check the pages here:
I also posted a number of questions, answers and comments to test. The reason why you couldn’t post comments was the WPExteme plugin. I have disabled it for now. You can decide whether you want to use it or try and see why it wasn’t working alongside the DWQA plugin. I have also disabled the CM answers plugin as it is no match for the DWQA. 
As for the categories, I have added a category and afew tags which you can modify or delete from the settings of the DWQA admin page. You can also add more if you want.
Lastly you have a cache plugin so if you can’t see answers or question you post it is because of the cache, which would need to purge or refresh the page a few times before you would be able to see your own answer. Other would be able to see them regardless.
Hope that you enjoy this plugin and are able to make positive use of it for your website visitors.

Best regards,

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