DW PopUp Card WordPress Plugin

Create a fun and meaningful popup card message for your WordPress blog or site. Quick setup, easy to work with, fully-customizable and it's totally FREE.

Let’s spice up your site and set up a fun yet meaningful popup greeting card with DW PopUp Card plugin!

DW PopUp Card is a simple WordPress plugin and fun to work with. Our plugin will help you create unique popup greeting cards for any occasion and season you want to. What can you do with this plugin? See the list below:

  • Add your own graphic and message
  • Set up a thumbnail on website
  • Customize text, colors, background and so on
  • Have a cool snowing effect
  • Can use custome code to customize the whole card

Shall it be Christmas or New Year or any occasion, you can always quickly activate the plugin and place a nice greeting card on your site.

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Image not responsive on mobile sites
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Open link in a new windows
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Pop Up Banner …
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  • Version 1.0.0
  • Latest Updated December 26, 2013
  • Requirements WordPress 3+
  • Category WordPress Plugins