Samir Mastaliyev
asked 10 years ago

i can’t find this words on translation file. can you please tell me where they are stored?

3 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Samir !
– To translate the DW Q&A, please follow our instruction below:
Firstly, you can copy the single-question.php file in the folder path ““plugins\dw-question-answer\inc\templates\default” and pates this file into “dwqa-templates” folder in “wp-content\themes\your-theme\dwqa-templates
Next, please open single-question.php file then translate into your target language as you would like.
E.g: You can fine the following lines: 91, 100, 134, 138, 153 to 172.

– To translate the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email & Notify me of new posts by email” next to checkbox of Jetpack plugin, follow below:
Firstly, go to ” /wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/ ” and open ” subscriptions.php ” file with any Code Editor program.
Then find out  “Notify me of follow-up comments by email &Notify me of new posts by email” and translate it into your language.
Hope this helps !

Marko Zunic
answered 10 years ago

I have same problem, cant translate ‘days, seconds,’ chosen status of question ‘open,closed,answered’ and ‘category’ of question and answer main page
I edited single-question.php but nothing changed..
Is there any solution pls?

Marko Zunic
replied 10 years ago

For now i find outthat ‘days’ in ‘question – answer’ page is related to WordPress dashboard language , but i cant find out where it is…

answered 10 years ago

You can open the dw-question-answer.php file in the folder path “wp-content\plugins\dw-question-answer” Find the line 324 to line 354.

Michel Coelho
replied 10 years ago

I had the same problem, so I did this and it worked. But at the list of questions (DWQA Questions) I still can’t translate the ‘Category:’ and at the single question page the Status selected is still in English even though all translated into Brazilian Portuguese… =/

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

If you want to change the ‘Category:’ on the list question page, you can open the content-question.php file in the folder path “\plugins\dw-question-answer\inc\templates\default”. Find the line 29.
– Regarding the Status issue, don’t worry, we will fix this bug soon in next version of DWQA, please stay tuned.

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