bodhi mcgee
asked 10 years ago

Hi, ive added the captcha to the ask question page as i was getting loads of spam. Problem is, if there is any error in the form submission the page refreshes and the captcha is gone. Worse yet, when the form is resubmitted with errors corrected, the captcha errors because it was unfilled which of course is because it isnt there. Any help much appreciated!

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Dear Bodhi, Have you tried upgrading the plugin?

bodhi mcgee
replied 10 years ago

Hi Guru, thanks for the response. Yup, running Version 1.2.2 and no update available. Problem persists, cheers, Bodhi

answered 10 years ago

Hello Bodhi !
Please try to update to the latest version 1.2.4 of the DW Question & Answer. You can download the latest version

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