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Under settings > reading > for each article in a feed: I have “Summary” selected. However, when clicking on the categories, the full text is shown, which makes really long (175x~1100!) boxes of posts in the feed, and its not very user friendly. I swear when I first uploaded the theme it wasn’t doing it. 
I realize that this might have nothing to do with Wallpress specifically, but as you know the theme best I figured I’d ask here. Kickass theme by the way, I love it.
Here is an example: http://credibleresearchsources.com/subjects/popular-topics/gun-control/

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answered 10 years ago

Hello JSthuart !
To shorten a post on the homepage and have a “read more” link. Please log in to Dashboards > Post > add new > import content.
Then, in the content frame , please choose a section of text you want, and click on “More” button.
Please take a view below:

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