Graeme Blakeburn
asked 10 years ago

Hi I would like to have a contact like the demo, but I am missing something.
I can see it in contact.php, but the header info is different than the a standard page template, and the header on mine is slightly less margin on a child css:
Have you got the original page .php that you used with a page header as in the standard page?
.page-header {
padding: 20px 0px;
margin: 0 80px 20px;

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Graeme ! To create a Contact page as our demo, You can log in to Dashboard > Pages > Add new, then add the following code to the Text frame of the content editor Next, find the Page Attributes pane on the right hand side, select the template as Default Template:
Hope this helps !

Graeme Blakeburn
replied 10 years ago

Perfect thanks very much Dominic – graeme

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