asked 11 years ago

Hi, I have been trying to build a page that shows an author’s post’s only. I copied the existing blog template and renamed it. It shows up as a new template.

However, it will not show any posts, even though the code is identical to the existing blog page template. It just shows the home page content.

What is preventing the posts from appearing?

I asked this question before, but you haven’t answered the question.

It should show this: http://www.wall4wishes.com/category/wishes

But it actually shows this: http://www.wall4wishes.com/my-wishes

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

To resolve this problem, you can follow the steps below.
Step 1: log in to Dashboard > Pages

– Add new page
– go to  “Custom Fields” At the bottom of content frame
– And add new Custom Fields with the following info:
+ Custom field name: query_args
+ Custom field value: author=8&posts_per_page=5
– select the blog template: blog
See the Screenshot: http://imgur.com/bSbmZnP
Note: change your author id here: 8

To know the author ID, please go to Dashboard > Users , then you move your mouse over the author name, then look down the link on the left of the screen.

See the Screenshot: http://imgur.com/jGHqkii

Then, Go to Appearance >> Menus, select the page that you have just created to add to menu.


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