Jagadeesh Varati
asked 9 years ago

I find the Menu Structure in http://cmspioneer.com/designwall/guide/dw-argo/#menu-building (Step 2) item type as “Custom”.  But I’m never getting a Custom type.  It comes as Page or Category etc.,
What is difference between a Custom item & a regular Category/Page item?  How to create a Custom item?
Thanks, Jagadeesh

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hi Jagadeesh,
1. Custom link:
In order to create a custom link, please follow my instruction here: + Go to Dashboad / Appearance / menus  + Select menu type is links, fill in “URL” & “LINK TEXT” then click “ADD TO MENU”
2.Regular Category/Page Link: only select links created in the site:

Hope this helps!

Jagadeesh Varati
replied 9 years ago

Hi Wilfred
Can you please help me understand what is the difference between custom & regular item? ie., when are we supposed to use them?

Dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

Hi Jagadeesh !
Custom Posts: WP provides two built-in ‘post’ types: Posts and Pages. Custom Posts let you define your own type of ‘post’ that can act like either Posts or Pages. You can create, edit, and display them the same way that you do for the built-in types. They are stored in the wp_posts database along with the other ‘post’ types.
Custom Fields: Custom Fields are data items that you define and attach to another object, such as a Post or a Page. Each CF is identified by a ‘key’ and has a ‘value’. You use them to store custom information about the object that they are attached to. They are stored in a ‘meta’ table associated with the type of object.
Hope this helps !

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