Dee Sleep
asked 8 years ago

HI! I have a site using your Design Wall theme and the backend is extremely slow. When I deactivate your theme and use a different one the speed improves. I have installed an earlier version and see that you have an updated version. Do you think that has something to do with the speed issue? I don’t want to invest in upgradeing the the theme if it’s not going to improve the speed. Thank you.
The Site is:

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answered 8 years ago

At the moment, very client using the DW Wall and does not get the speed issue. you can try the following solutions:

1/ Check the wordpress cahe plugin.

If you’re using W3 Total Cache, navigate to the General Settings and disable object cache. See my W3 Total Cache Settings to make sure everything is properly configured since CloudFlare and MaxCDN may also be the culprit – and it’s a good idea to make sure your W3 Total Cache settings are configured optimally. This is the most common solution to both front-end and back-end speed issues. Most cache plugins also have an object cache option.

2/ Deactivate All Plugins Then Reactive each plugin.

3/ Reupload the WP-Admin and WP-Includes Folders

  • Rename your wp-content file by adding 1 on the end
  • Back up your database
  • Download the basic export option for your database
  • Uninstall WordPress
  • Reintall WordPress with a fresh copy
  • Don’t remove wp-content or the database

    4/ Optimize WordPress Database

    You can use the WP Optimize plugin to Optimize your database. Make sure you backup your database first using WP-DB-Backup.

    5/ Update WordPress version, Plugins, and Theme

    6/ Contact Your Hosting Provider.

    Dominic Staff
    replied 8 years ago

    Also, Which version are you using? We have updated the theme to version 1.1.9. If you want you can send me username & password of your site and let me know detail about the position that you have customize, I will check and help you update the theme.

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