Ratchaphol Srichandrabhandhu
asked 8 years ago

Hi DW! and all the fellows here. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year for all of you guys 🙂
It been a long time since the last update of DW Argo!  Any update will come in soon?
Moreover wordpress 4.1 is already released. Anyone try does it work with Argo or not? and what are the possible issues that might happen?
Here is my Social Media Marketing Tips website using DW Argo. Feel free to comment if you think anything needs work!

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Thanks for your additional info. We will check and fix it.
2014 was over and it takes a few days to come the new year – 2015. We have a long holiday, so that our plan has changed. We make decision that we will release the update version of DW Argo next week.
I know you are a little bit disappointed 🙁 . Hope that you can understand and please stay tuned, will notify once done.
Happy New Year, my friend.

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