asked 10 months ago

Where is the D&Q Pro Download?! I paid 99 dollars for access to all premium plugins. Yet only links to themes and support plugins!! Your site says:
Complete Access All Premium Themes
Theme Updates
Premium Technical Support
Unlimited Website Usage
Complete Access All Premium Plugins
Layered PSD Files
Please provide what I ordered or refund the PayPal, or I can do it by Chargeback. I’m not going to be scammed if that is the case here ie it has to be bought on Evanto too.

1 Answers
answered 10 months ago

You can check your profile now, we have added the product for you.

replied 10 months ago

No there is nothing new, “Q&A Pro” is missing, and so is “DW Knowledge Base” and the other pro products, I have only:
DW Argo
DW BrickStore
DW Fixel
DW Focus
DW Gamez
DW Jason
DW Kido
DW Magz
DW Page
DW Simplex
DW Store
DW Timeline Pro
DW Trendy
DW Wall
DW Q&A Captcha
DW Q&A Leaderboard
DW Q&A Markdown
DW Q&A Widgets
Private: DW Q&A Category, Tag Notification
DW Autoblogging
DW Focus 2
DW Purity
DW Events
DW Medium
DW Resumé

Dominic Staff
replied 10 months ago

Please check it now, I have resolved it.

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