Adrian Martinez
asked 11 years ago

Hi, I absolutely love your theme. When do you plan to release an update to this theme? In future updates do you plan to make the theme files more lightweight so it loads faster?



2 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Thanks for your suggestion. We appreciate it.

Yes, we are intended to update the DW Argo theme as soon as possible. When the latest is released, it will solve bugs that the previous version  are facing. In addition, we also improve some features to make our theme become better and better.

Regarding your comment, we will review and hope that it is great suggestion for both us and you.

Please stay tuned, we will inform you as introduced.

Thanks and Cheers

Samuel Than
replied 11 years ago

really like the theme and the responsive off-canvas approach.

Any timeline scheduled for the release of a new update for DW Argo ?

answered 11 years ago

The specific release date is not fixed yet. Will let you know once we are about to release the theme.

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