Chris Berg
asked 9 years ago


Everytime I try and insert images into the DW: Column widget on version 1.2.5 and try to save it, it always throws an error and says "Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again" so I click okay and it reverts everything back to before I put in the image. Could you help me here? Until this gets fixed, I’m stuck with no images at the top of my website ( Thanks!

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Most commonly, this error is caused by a plugin or theme that is installed on your site. To investigate which plugin or theme is causing the issue, you will need to deactivate all your plugins.

Chris Berg
answered 9 years ago

Just to update: I deactivated all plugins and rename the plugins folder "plugins-old" to ensure they were deactivated. Tried the widget again and it worked. So I reactivated the plugins folder back to "plugins" and tried it, and it didn’t work. So now I knew it was a issue with a plugin. Problem is, I have a lot of plugins as we are a news website. So I start with the biggest one first, JetPack. I deactivated that, tried the widget and it now works. So it looks like it could be JetPack causing the issue. Weird part is, I reactivated it and tried the widget and it STILL works. So not sure what happened but it’s working nice now. Thank you for your help Dominic!

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