Giorgio Valentini
asked 9 years ago

I currently run the 1.0.8 version. Is there an update that I can just download so it updates me to 1.0.9 or do I have to reinstall everything and lose my customiziations?

Giorgio Valentini
replied 9 years ago

…Sorry…of DW Focus

2 Answers
Michels Heff
answered 9 years ago

Hi Giorgio Valenti !
To be honest, you can be lost all your own customization. Always back up your data and create a child theme will be useful..
I found on the internet a guide for upgrading the WordPress themes, dig into here

answered 9 years ago

Thanks for your helps Michels :)
Hi Giorgio, please refer the solution that Michels provided in his answer. Anything else you need to help, please tell us know :)

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