Christian Johnson
asked 11 years ago

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What areas of the DW-Focus PHP template have a high load/inefficiency? There seems to be a serious code performance issue as the site template struggles to perform nearly as well as comparable templates on same server/configuration.

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

I checked the performance of your site on the google speech test .There is no problem with that, it works well.

Please provide more information for further checking. Of course, any your suggestion to improve the site performance, we appreciate your comments.


Christian Johnson
replied 11 years ago

Hi Rambu,

Christian Johnson
replied 11 years ago

After doing performance testing, it seems to mostly be something with the PHP page template that is slower than all the other templates. I’ve done a lot of PHP caching work to speed site up in general which is why I may seem to be sounding picky, but there is definitely a noticable difference between loading a single article vs. loading the homepage, category pages, and tag pages. I am continuing to investigate this but would welcome your help in looking into the page templates to see why they are slower to parse in PHP than the other pages.

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